The Smart Money Went Here to Avoid the Markets Onslaught

The markets fell big today, and they fell pretty hard.  Let’s just say, today was a ride!  The markets were brought down by the oil and silver markets.   Oil which was $114.80 a barrel broke below $100. Silver dropped from $49.80 to 35.00 in five days.  That’s a huge percentage.  Anyone that was involved with silver over the past four weeks got hurt.  While they were getting hurt, the smart money was allocating their funds to consumer goods in the personal products area.   The best performing companies were, Nuskin (NUS), Estee Lauder (EL),  United Gaurdian (UG), Energizer Holdings (ENR), Alberto-Culver Company (ACV).    Everyone needs personal care products and are resilient during harsh economic times.  The numbers don’t lie.  Institutions and investors put their money in companies that generate profits.  Companies generate profits when their products sell.  Products sell when consumers like and use their products.  People like Apple’s iPod even though it was technologically inferior to Microsoft’s Zune.  We can see that in Apple’s price vs. Microsofts.   Price doesn’t lie, b/c  people put their money in companies with future growth and increased dividens.  It’s free market capitalism.   Nuskin and Estee Lauder are the strongest.  Nuskin has exposure to China’s economic growth.  While the markets were falling, Nuskin’s price actually moved higher.   I don’t believe in catching a  falling knife.  I buy strength and not weakness.

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