Bloomberg: Properties of Cordyceps could eventually Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients.


Preventive Medicine is key to living a healthy lifestyle.  Sow the seeds of health now  to prevent the surprise of future illnesses.  Do it for you and your loved ones.  Adding cordyceps to your multi-vitamin regiment can make the difference.  It doesn’t hurt to try. Contact Hannah Tran at for  monthly supply of cordyceps.

“With the help of another researcher, Fujita partnered with Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Taito Co., now respectively part of Mitsubishi Tanabe and Mitsui Sugar Co. The scientists began studying in 1986 the Cordyceps fungus known in Chinese and Japanese as “winter insect, summer plant,” so called because it invades insect larva during winter and grows out of the host by summer.

Fujita said he was inspired by the discovery of ciclosporin, also derived from a fungus, which spurred research into how the immune system may be subdued in transplant patients. Fujita, now a professor emeritus at Kyoto University, said he was unaware the immune-modulating properties of Cordyceps could eventually help multiple sclerosis patients.


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